Free Cricut Design Space Class with Melody Lane

Free Cricut Design Space Class with Melody Lane

Benefits of Corporate Calendars

If you have seen a number of corporate calendars you will find that most of them are completely dull and boring. Some manufacturing companies that make corporate calendars decide that it would be a nice idea to incorporate some of their heavy duty machinery in the pictures for their calendars, which while it, might be nice for the employees to see their hard work and effort in a picture makes for a dull and depressing calendar.

Happy Paintings

How we start our day affects our attitude and it is also scientifically proved to have an effect on the type of our experiences we face in the day. During olden times it has been said to watch the rising sun affects our mood and gives us a fresh start. In this fast paced life and concrete jungle of buildings it has become impossible to view the sun or listen to the birds or even have a glimpse of the sky from our homes. Here in comes importance of happy paintings on display which helps us to experience the same without leaving the house. Though it may not cater to all the five senses but it definitely has a great visual impact.

Fine Art Print Making

With the ever increasing advancement in technology art is not left behind. As the prices of art are shooting up to great heights art is gradually becoming unaffordable to many. Many art houses and galleries are going into prints to keep up with the trends of making art affordable and approachable.

Picasso’s Les Demoiselles D’ Avignon

‘The Young Ladies of Avignon’, otherwise known in French as ‘Les Demoiselles d’ Avignon’, is a large oil-painting, created in 1907, by Pablo Picasso. ‘Les Demoiselles d’ Avignon’ is a fantastic and creative work of art by the master himself, Pablo Picasso, and deserves to be rated up there with the other masterpieces of the era.

Importance of the Colour Purple in Paintings

Since time immemorial the colour purple has been associated with royalty. The olden times dye of purple paint was very costly and unaffordable. Hence it was used sparingly. Thus the use was seen only in royal families and merchants who had good financial position in society. Paintings made by using purple colour have general feelings of royalty, spirituality and enlightenment.

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