Free Cricut Design Space Class Pinterest Inspired

Free Cricut Design Space Class Pinterest Inspired

Cinema 4D – Deformers Are Cool

What can I say? Cinema 4D deformers are cool. When we see our favorite larger than life, life defying transformations that make an ‘Avavtar’ movie or simply make us gasp and giggle when a product advertisement takes on life, there’s probably a deformer in box.

Mixed Media Paintings As A Reflection Of The People’s Feelings

Mixed media paintings can mirror the feelings of society. The relationship between art and politics is a delicate and complicated one.

Painting Lessons For Women and the Background Of Feminist Art

Painting lessons undoubtedly cater to all people no matter what age, ethnic background and gender. Nevertheless, ladies have definitely played an important role in the evolution of art.

Different Uses Of Mask

As a person we want to be attractive to others, we have lots of things or accessories used in our body. They have different uses and proper places to put on. We want to emphasize our beauty. One example is the mask; this is used as a face covering. The reasons why people are wearing this are for protection, for fashion, to disguise, to avoid recognition or to entertain others.

The Visual Performing Artist – Become the Nike Ad!

Artists! Take some advice from the Nike Ad and “Just Do It!” Get out of your comfort zone in the studio and start demonstrating your art to the public!

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