Free Cricut Design Space Class! Ask me your Questions

Free Cricut Design Space Class! Ask me your Questions

Signing in Amman

A visitor to Amman in Jordan will immediately notice the huge amount of advertising hoardings and signboards that adorn the buildings. They attract attention because of their size, location, design and the materials used. They reflect both the profession of the graphic designer and the state of the signage industry in Jordan.

Canvas Art Prints

It is quite astounding to see how canvas art has achieved such fame and recognition so much so that canvas artists enjoy a celebrity status and remain famous even after they have passed away. The dynamics surrounding canvas art form a process whereby the artist lets his/her emotions flow, then grasp the sentiments into a picture and preserve it for life span. Gradually as time passes, these works of art become masterpieces.

How to Think About Art on the Internet

Does the internet pose a threat to today’s hard working artists? Some think it does, others think not. But there is a more important question to consider. How should today’s artists adapt to the internet?

Ruled Surfaces and Blend Surfaces to Create 3D Characters

Ruled surfaces work, in many ways, similarly to a U-Loft. The primary difference is what happens at the cross-sections. Rather than smoothly interpolating in and out of a cross-section, the Ruled surface creates a noticeable seam. The resultant surface looks much more like a series of sections rather than one continuous surface. For smooth flowing surfaces, a Ruled surface is not as ideal as a U-Loft surface, but you can used Ruled surfaces for items such as clothes.

3D Character Modeling With NURBs

The most appropriate technology for modeling most characters is NURBS (Non Rational Uniform B-Splines). NURBS models work well because they can be very smooth and organic without much detail in the geometry-something that is a major limitation for Polygonal models. This can be easily demonstrated with a Sphere primitive.

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