Free Cricut Class with Melody Lane

Free Cricut Class with Melody Lane

Elisabetta Sirani – The Teenage Maestro of Italian Baroque Orientation

Elisabetta Sirani, born on January 8, 1638, was a very famous Italian artist from the School of Bologna. She was a Baroque virtuoso painter and had learned the finesse from her father Giovanni Andre Sirani (1610-70), who himself was a renowned artist of his times. Elisabetta was a follower of a famed Bolognese religious painter Guido Reni (1575-1642). By the young age of seventeen, she was a professional engraver and painter.

Preserving a Precious Painting

Receiving an important and expensive art piece, like an oil painting, from your family is very sentimental. Aside from the fact that it is costly, original pieces are always a matter of pride for the owner. The first most important thing that you do is to make sure that it is preserved and kept well. Paintings are priceless.

Giovanna Garzoni – A Woman of Substance

Italian Baroque painter Giovanna Garzoni (1600-70) was one of the few distinguished female painters of her time, a distinct achievement in those days. Her lifelike renditions of Baroque genre ranging around the lively replications of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and other still forms including portraiture are Italian art pride until date.

Black Light Posters

Black lights are becoming more and more popular. Black lights are used for art, decoration, medicine, and more. Because of the way the light is emitted, black lights enhance fluorescent patterns.

The Coconut Grove Arts Festival – An Art Lover’s Paradise

Planning a trip to South Florida in February? On the weekend of Presidents’ Day celebrations, the village of Coconut Grove welcomes thousandths of visitors and hundreds of artists that flock to a few blocks of its downtown area to be a part of the premier arts festival in the United States: The Coconut Grove Arts Festival.

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