Flower Box Toppers with Cricut

Flower Box Toppers with Cricut

Logo Design – 4 Must-Know Steps

If you decide to order a logo from an online provider it is paramount that you follow these steps before making your final decision. Think twice but design it once!

Industrial and Mechanical Design Modeling

A complex smooth NURBS surface can be created by tracing NURBS Point Splines over one photographic background image of a side view and adjusting them over another front view image. The splines were then attached and converted to a NURBS surface. The final step was to use U-Loft to create a smooth surface over the splines.

Creation by Lofting in 3D Modeling

Sometimes you want the security of always being able to edit your original shape. Lofting gives you that security; the advantage of lofting a cross section on a path is the ability to use Reference Clones of the original shape for ease in editing. The disadvantage is the difficulty of controlling the exact surface form due to interpolation between the shapes.

The Most Challenging to Model

Sometimes the simplest looking element is the most challenging to model. To prove this point, you will add a flexible hose to an existing scene, connecting a vacuum cleaner body to its handle and cleaning head assembly.

Introduction to Drawing Using Prismacolor Colored Pencils

Prismacolor Pencils provides information and product resources, such as Prismacolor Colored Pencils, for creative artists of all levels. Because drawing is the foundation for building visual art expression and skill, students in particular will benefit from tips and guides offered on this website.

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