Fireplace Easel Card with Cricut | Melody Lane

Fireplace Easel Card with Cricut | Melody Lane

Chicago Skyline Prints

The City of Chicago has perhaps the most beautiful skyline in the world. Though it as not as massive as those of Manhattan and Hong Kong it has unsurpassed proportions and elegance.

The Outsider Art of Thornton Dial – The Beginning

Thornton Dial was born in 1928 in Emmel, Alabama as a child of a black teenage mother and an unknown father. When he was ten years old, his mother sent him to her sister who died three years later. After this his grandmother on the mother’s side, who lived in Bessemer, Alabama, took care of her grandson. Thornton Dial left school after the 4th Grade of Elementary school because he had to support his poor family. That’s why he is an illiterate to this day.

The Digital Art Revolution

What is the value of the digital revolution as it pertains to art? Here is a brief opinion by an artist.

Indian Art and Indian Paintings

A short insight into the history and types of Indian Art and Indian Paintings. The history and story of Indian Art is one that reflects different stages in the evolution of the country and its culture.

Ecology In Contemporary Art

The Oxford English Dictionary gives the following definition of art – “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.” In terms of contemporary art, the concept of “emotional power” is probably the most important part of this definition. Art is all over something that surrounds us, not only in the form of paintings and sculptures but also through music, literature, film, photography and others.

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