Filling Up My Dreambox - use code: HAPPYGIFT

Filling Up My Dreambox – use code: HAPPYGIFT

The Importance of a Certificate of Authenticity For Limited Edition Art

This article will tell you what exactly a Certificate of Authenticity is and why it is so important when buying Limited Edition Art. It will describe in detail what information should be available on a valid Certificate of Authenticity and what to look out for to determine whether a Certificate of Authenticity, and hence the Limited Edition Art, is genuine.

Picture Perfect – The Importance of Good Graphics

Nothing compliments a product like a series of professional looking graphics. Consider the fact that an e-book is a pdf file that does not even have covers, yet authors invest hundreds of dollars for the graphics to go on the sales page. Once the product has been purchased, the buyer will, for the most part, never look at the graphic again.

Plotter Paper – Perfect For Precious Designs

Do you spend a lot of time designing items? Whether it’s cars or homes, plotter paper is the perfect purchase.

What is Art?

Art is amazingly subjective. The process of deliberately arranging elements in a way that appeals to the senses or emotion is the definition of art.

LDS Paintings – Mormon Art an Expression of Faith

Latter-day Saint artists have so many themes to work with. They have the Bible which contains both the New and the Old Testament. They have scriptures from the Book of Moses and Abraham. They have scenes from the Book of Mormon. Historical themes from the early history of the Mormon faith, pioneers and modern prophets just to name a few.

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