Falling for Hue Cricut Mystery Box

Falling for Hue Cricut Mystery Box

The Art of Selling Art – Manitoba Case

It is not an overstatement to suggest that the U.S. economy is going through the worst economic crisis in its history. The economy has been hit by the loss of jobs, low consumer confidence, unpredictable oil prices, a plummeting and volatile stock market, crashing housing industry, and a frail banking system. Overall the business outlook is not very encouraging and every now and then, there are reports of closures and bankruptcies.

Time For a Change – Ways to Invigorate Indigenous Art Forms

Can traditional art forms be adapted to our new age sensibilities? Is there a place for these art forms in our present day lives?

General Info – 3 Tips to Finding Time to Exhibit, Signing Your Painting, & Contact Information

Have you noticed how busy everyone is in the fall? This fall has been extremely busy and profitable for me. I’ve spent a lot of time preparing to enter exhibits, shows and taught classes and watercolor workshops, connecting to many new people. I want to encourage you to do these things also, if you are a beginning artist, I want to take this time to encourage you to plan to participate in exhibits and shows next year. Shows are lots of fun and if you wait until you think you are good enough you won’t ever exhibit. The nicest people attend art shows.

Lighting Artwork 101 (And Other Framed Items) – 5 Tips to Remember

Who hasn’t heard about the controversy over the cleaning of the Sistine Chapel ceiling? The areas of the mural that were overlit with flood lights appeared, in the washed out photos, to have been over cleaned and thereby fueled the international criticisms. Lighting a painting correctly often seems like something of a mystery. Yet, in the absence of help, we often just “figure something out” given the restrictions of our homes or offices. But I am often asked about the effects or possible damage from difference kinds of lighting.

Western Art – Totem Poles – Standing Stunners of North America

The inception of Totem Poles was somewhere in the 18th century. According to several European travelers of the century, the Totem Poles did exist then, though small sized and few. According to an Anthropologist, the Haida Clan from Queen Charlotte Islands or Haida Gwaii, British Columbia, Canada, is credited with the initiation of this art form. Later, other groups, like Tsimshian & Tlingit of British Columbia & Alaska, and North Washington began to follow this distinct art form.

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