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Types of Airbrushes Available For Airbrush Art

When doing airbrush art there are various types of airbrushes that you are able to choose from. Depending on what you are actually creating will likewise determine what airbrush you need.

Is Airbrush Makeup a Form of Airbrush Art?

Airbrushing can be achieved on almost anything that you can imagine. Airbrush art is one method to take something and turn it into a masterpiece. Over hand painted art, airbrush art can be carried out in less time but with identical good effects, if not better.

How to Get Your Fine Art Into a Gallery

If you are an emerging fine artist, you may be agonizing over how to approach a gallery with your work. It can be intimidating to even the most outgoing person. There are ten general steps you should follow before approaching a gallery. They are outlined in this article.

Painting on Silk

If you’ve ever wanted to try painting on silk but didn’t know where to start keep reading. I will show you just how easy it can be. With very little equipment you can create beautiful silk paintings to enjoy and be proud of.

The Origin and Evolution of Abstract Painting

Abstract painting is a very unique form of art; its depictions of imagery are a departure from reality but can still provide accurate visual representations of specific objects and scenes. Abstract painting didn’t really emerge until the twentieth century, but has grown into an iconic form of art that has been transcended to another level by some of the very best artists, such as Jackson Pollock and Piet Mondrian.

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