Face Mask with Cricut Infusible Ink

Face Mask with Cricut Infusible Ink

Kyla Art – Internet Resources for Unique and Affordable Art

As an artist my philosophy on art may differ to that of critics, curators and collectors. I believe that affordable art is in no way representative of inferior art. While it is true that with the development of the Internet it has become easier for artists and impostors to advertise and sell artwork that would otherwise be shunned in the art world.

How To Get Working In Comics Quick!

Hoping and wishing to be working in comics is good sedative for the creative soul, because actually working in comics has mainly been about freelancers striving to make big companies rich by giving them cheap labor. It’s about time times change. If you want to be working in comics, you need to do these 3 things.

Good Logo Design – The First Step in Successful Small Business Marketing

An effective logo embodies what your business is about and more critically gives it the credibility needed to attract customers. It is a symbol that reflects and identifies your company or business and gives it that professionalism needed to survive in the tough world of business. It is a way of branding your business so it can be easily identified, and more importantly remembered. Without a logo or brand identity it is very difficult for a customer to distinguish one product from another.

Graphic Designs – Mirror Image of Company

Why should a company have graphic designs and why professionals should be hired to do so? This article have answers of all questions related to graphic designing.

Picture Frames Accentuate Images and Artwork

Art is very personal, as it reflects the emotions and values of the owner. Keeping their homes updated with photos and paintings, some people prefer to have their images hung in picture frames that enhance the focal point of their artwork.

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