Dokra Craft – What Are the Steps Involved in Giving Shape to Dokra Craft?

The process in which Dokra craft or Dhokra figurines are made is just fascinating. At first the Dokra craftsman will create a clay core, dry it and add designs, patterns, expressions, decorations and wax channels to that clay replica.

Fede Galizia – An Italian Renaissance Artist of Still Life, Portraiture and Miniature Merit

Italian Renaissance painter Fede Gallizi, also known as Fede Galizia (1578-1630), is often considered the pioneer of the Still-Life style. Her father Nunzio Galizia (1573-95), a Miniaturist, named her Fede (Italian, meaning faith) and trained her. At the age of twelve, she bagged praises from the noted painter Gian Paolo Lomazzo (1538-92) for the imitations she had created. By an early age, Fede proved her creative caliber, especially in portraiture, and started working on commissions.

Vietnamese Paintings – Show Your Excellence in Vietnam Paintings

There is actually nothing more beautiful than the artwork which stimulates us with aesthetic pleasure. Such experience will act as a catalyst in enhancing our happiness. Earlier the art was mostly inspired by the nature, but later when modern art was introduced it was inspired from mundane life of a common human being. In short the modern art is capturing both spiritual and material over a same plane.

Step by Step Guide on Creating Business Cards Using Adobe Illustrator

Business cards are useful tools for business or even personal use, so most of people want them. While spending money on business cards makes perfect sense, it may not be affordable for those people just starting out.

Analyzing the Demand of Indian Handicrafts and Brassware Objects (Dhokra Craft) In the Western World

There were traveling groups of metal craftsmen sporadically scattered all over the mineral rich, tribal belts of central India such as in the tribal districts of Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, Vindhya hills region, Orissa and Bengal. These nomadic metal craftsmen, belonging to socially inferior castes are referred to as Dokra or Dhokra.

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