Extreme DIY Closet Makeover

Extreme DIY Closet Makeover

Canvas Art and Oil on Canvas Paintings From Notable Artists Ultimately Solid Investments Over Time

Oil on canvas paintings are the ultimate time travelers. They move forward from generation to generation. Buildings last a couple of hundred years at best. People come and go from generation to generation. But paintings are forever. If a museum is torn down, the paintings move on to the next one. When people die, the next generation in line becomes the careful custodian of the fine art. The “Mona Lisa” has been around for over 500 years, and still draws record crowds in Paris. Having her portrait painted may be the best career move the subject of the “Mona Lisa” ever made. She’s timeless, and a time traveler. Six generations and counting have cherished her and surrounded her in a cloak of prestige. Oil paintings and other fine artworks are the few things in culture which have truly become immortalized.

Christmas Clipart – The Many Uses

The potential number of uses for Clipart in documents and web design is infinite. During the holiday season there are many great uses for Christmas Clipart.

10 Things to Do If You Want to Be a Graphic Designer

Do you want to be a graphic designer? Here are 10 things that you should be doing right now.

An Art Lover Needs the Right Art

An art lover knows fine art and no matter what style or type of art it is, every art connoisseur wants to create their own personal art gallery on the walls of their home. Some of the main factors in determining what pieces of artwork are right for your home depend on the type of artwork pieces you want, how it can improve your home, as well as the price you are willing to pay for it.

How to Choose Contemporary Artwork

These times of economic recession offer a dreary outlook. Thus there is an ever increasing need to maintain optimism in your home, living room or office with artwork pieces which will brighten and stimulate your environment. However, in order not to simply purchase run of the mill artwork pieces, it is important to give careful consideration to the type of wall art that you want to purchase.

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