Canvas Strap Rolls – Make Transporting Your Work Easy

Unless you yourself are an artist and know what it’s like to have to purchase and move around all of the materials you need to create your work, you might not believe how much energy and time are put into it. People often think of art as being a solitary task. When you need to have friends help you move canvas up and down flights of stairs, it’s not so solitary anymore.

How to Draw a Penguin

Penguins are considered one of the most adorable birds due to their friendly nature and interesting activities. Penguins are quite engaging subjects whether they are in their natural habitat or in a controlled environment. They have characteristically large bodies and small legs that allow them to take very small steps at a time and cause them to tumble here and there.

How to Draw Human Feet

One of the most difficult parts in drawing the human form is sketching the feet. The contours of the feet, toes, and nails make it a complex exercise. It is important to draw all the elements of the feet in proper proportion and shape. Feet can be long, short, slender, or fat and it is necessary that the shape is portrayed correctly. Even toes are of varied size and thickness, an important aspect to be considered while drawing human feet.

Music And Art Together, What A Concept!

Like the rest of us, you enjoy music and you’ve often thought of owning a piece of music art, to meld the two passions of your life. It can be done. Music art consists of depictions of musicians and music itself.

Paintings and the Artists and Companies That Create Them

One of the newest trends in art today is the unique service of taking a photograph and having an artist recreate it. This is called custom art, or custom paintings.

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