Rotating 3D Objects in an Axis Defined Space

An important part of the rotation process is the ability to move the object’s axis and thus effectively change the axis of rotation. Imagine you have modeled an arm. Now, if the Rotation tool were used to rotate the arm, it would rotate around the geometric center of the arm.

Positioning 3D Objects in the Axis Defined Space

Most 3D applications have a sort of virtual toolbox with iconography representing different types of tools. Some tools are for moving objects, some for resizing, others for rotating, and still others for altering polygon structure and a host of other functions.

Interpreting 3D Space on a Two-Dimensional Plane

When a 3D application shows us shapes in 3D space rendered in perspective, it is interpreting space on a two-dimensional plane. Since our mouse can only move in two dimensions across the plane of the screen, if we simply reach in with our mouse and grab hold of the object with a move tool and attempt to move it, the 3D application makes its best attempt at interpreting which of the three dimensions you want to move the object through it’s two-dimensional mouse movement.

Light – The Most Overlooked Feature of 3D

You can change a golf ball to a tennis ball then to a baseball or a basketball and finally to an earth ball or even to the actual earth. No matter how exquisite your models or textures are however, without light the 3D project is as visually appealing as radio. And even with light, if it’s not done effectively, the viewer is left with a flat and uninteresting vision. Virtual 3D light, like everything else in digital space, is virtual.

Moving in the Digital 3d Universe

While working on an animation, do several wireframe renders of the animation, because the computer can render out 300 frames in as many seconds. This saves a lot of time by giving you a chance to see quickly if the motion is not right, or the camera angle is not giving you the desired effect. Other rendering methods would take hours or even days to render 300 frames

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