Engraving with the Cricut Explore and Cricut Maker on acrylic ornaments etching ornament

Engraving with the Cricut Explore and Cricut Maker on acrylic ornaments etching ornament

Aceos – Small Art That Packs a Big Punch

This article describes why it is advantageous to produce ACEOs (Art Cards, Editions, and Originals) to promote your art business. Learn how to use these cards to market your art to customers so that they become familiar with your work. Finally, learn some valuable tips on various methods of making these cards and potential themes.

Concrete Strategies For Getting Your Art Recognized

Maximize the potential for your art to get recognized. Increase your visibility as an artist. Create your own leads with minimal effort.

How to Make Pastels

Follow a simple formula on how to make pastels and open up a whole new world of different colors and less expense when painting with pastels. You can save all those ends of pastels and turn them into complete new sticks.

Western Painting – Land Art – The American Accessible Earth Art Or Earthwork

Land Art was a unique art movement that gained prominence in the United States around late 1960s. Also called Earth Art or Earthworks or Environmental Art, the Land Art movement can be categorized as a small part of the Conceptual one. It came into being as a direct reaction to the increasing artificiality in art. Land Art protagonists were a group of artists, who wished to free art from the limitations of studios and galleries, making it more accessible to its lovers. They were disappointed with the growing commercialization of Contemporary Art and opposed the idea of art being an acquirable commodity.

Western Painting – Postminimalism – The Post World War II Exponent of Minimalism

Minimalism was a movement in art that emerged in America, post World War II. It involved the use of ‘only’ fundamental features in the artworks. In Visual Art, this translated into designs showing just the object in question, excluding anything that can take the viewer away from the pure experience of a subject. Like Minimalism, Postminimalism was also a term art-historians and critics coined to refer to the artworks employing Minimalism as an aesthetic or conceptual reference point.

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