Easy Valentine DIY project for last minute gifts Inexpensive cards and treat for kids classroom

Easy Valentine DIY project for last minute gifts Inexpensive cards and treat for kids classroom

Learn Sketching

The best way to learn sketching is to start sketching right away. A sketch is different from a detailed drawing because a sketch is usually done quickly, and the artist doesn’t worry about the fine details so much. This allows you a lot of freedom when learning how to sketch a face.

Paintings – Different Types of Supports For Painting

Oil Painting support simply means a surface where you can easily apply an oil paint. You will find a number of different surfaces which you can use to paint. Anything from certain canvas, woods, and metals can be the support for oil painting. There are different types of support which will help you to decide the style of the painting.

Sketch Drawing – A Multiple Usage Drawing

Sketch drawing is something made quickly and instantly by an artist to keep for future use. It gives some reference about the object to be worked on in the future. It can be possible that sketches are not exactly accurate in dimension or looks with respect to the original object. At times it can be debated that it is an inappropriate way to show the ideas by an artist.

Painting Master – Do You Want to Know How to Be One?

Do you believe in practicing to make your painting style better each time? If yes, then make sure you start practicing in the right way because if you keep doing it in a wrong way then you will end up being a master of a bad technique. Let me explain to you what I mean to say with an example.

Fluid Acrylics – Create Your Own Fluid Acrylics

Acrylic fluids are basically normal acrylic colour with some sort of medium added to it. They are with a thin consistency and designed to flow as well as spread easily without disturbing the color intensity. They are ideal for dribbling paint instead of applying with a brush.

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