Easy to do Libby Can cup wrap using a design from Cricut Design Space - Teckwrap vinyl

Easy to do Libby Can cup wrap using a design from Cricut Design Space – Teckwrap vinyl

Western Art – Hudson River School – An American Perspective to Romanticism

Hudson River School was an American art movement that emerged in 1825 and was active until around 1875. The term ‘Hudson River School’ does not refer to a physical school, but a school of thought, a vision, a group of Landscape Artists shared. The grandeur of Hudson River Valley highly inspired them and they created numerous landscapes based on it.

Painting Skills – Practice Your Skills Till You Achieve Perfection

Certainly painting is an inborn talent, but any talent needs grooming. Even the biggest artist needs practice so, even if you have skills, still practice is very important. It is a priceless tool but many of us do not realize that you should practice well your skills.

Why I Like Modern Art

That is what I have heard many times from people who were indignant about some piece of abstract art that had confounded or offended them. When I hear this kind of invective against truly gifted artists, such as Mark Rothko or Jackson Pollock, I get really frustrated.

The Future of Drafting on the Web

Design work and drafting have changed tremendously in the last 10 years. Software available allows work to be done more precise and accurate within a shorter period of time without having to erase every time a mistake is made. Web sites have opened plenty online drafting firms, but not all of them are alike.

The Various Types of Art You May See at an Art Show Or Art Fair

This article will discuss the different things you may be able to find at a local art show. Most areas have art fairs or art shows throughout the year, and this will explain what you could find at one.

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