Easy Round Door Sign for Under $10 | Amazing Dollar Tree Charger Idea!

Easy Round Door Sign for Under $10 | Amazing Dollar Tree Charger Idea!

Western Paintings – Pictorialism – A Fine-Arts Approach to Photography

Pictorialism (1885-1914) was a form of art photography, aimed to bring out the beauty of the subject matter. The idea was to ‘make’ a picture by capturing a scene through camera. Artistic manipulations were then done to add to the aesthetics of the composition.

Western Art – the Heidelberg School of Painting – Australian

The Heidelberg School of Painting was the first major artistic movement in Australia dominant during the late nineteenth to early twentieth century. Impressionist in style, the genre made a remarkable impact on the overall Australian Art history, landscape & countryside painting in particular.

Western Art – Art Periods and Movements – A Chronicle

An art period is a continuous phase of time (months to years) when artists (individual/group) share common ideas, beliefs, and produce works, alike in style or technique. Art periods – phases…

The Perfect Studio

This article will discuss how to set up the perfect art studio for your home. A studio requires planning and this can help!

The Symbolism on the Paintings of Pablo Picasso

During your art courses in school you will surely be introduced to the world’s greatest painters and how their arts have made great historical event in the history of mankind. You will be familiarized with the life and works of Vincent Van Gogh, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and many more.

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