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Novelty Buttons and the World of Polymer Clay

Polymer clay is a malleable medium that lends itself to artistic projects that yield fascinating designs. Historically, polymer clay has only been used as an art medium for a few decades, whereas many other media have been around for centuries. Artists have yet to discover the depths of polymer clay’s versatility.

Crayon Resist Technique – Card Making

Apply color to the images and background using a different sponge for each color. It’s always best to start with your lightest color and end with the darkest color. Pick a spot to begin, and gently sponge the ink onto the card stock. It’s best to start gently so you can work out the best pressure to apply for the effect you’re going for.

How To Airbrush Jimi Hendrix Onto A Guitar

I had an older Sunlite acoustic guitar that was in serious need of refinishing. After all of the family functions, parties and passing it around many a campfire it had accumulated some scars.

Purchase Black and White Photography Images Upon Canvas For Your Living Room Decor

Black and white photography on canvas give the shopper by using artistic flexibleness plus looks after a consistent shine- free image. Nevertheless there is no requirement for your window style, there aren’t any representation problems to bother with through any kind of position. Lighting could be strung to accentuate the actual fabric too.

How to Use Top Drawing Techniques to Become an Artist?

Do you dream to become an artist by profession? Art can be of different types and you need to choose the art form which fascinates you the most.

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