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Easy How To Style Charity Shop Thrifted Items | Thrift Made Fun


Out to Impress As a Graphic Designer

A graphic designer should catch your eye right away with his own logo or web page. Since it is his job to grab attention for customer sites, he should be able to do so for his own design company. If this is the case, you could be on the trail of a professional who can do something for you.

Why We Create Art

The purpose of art means many different things to many different people. Depending on whom you ask and when you ask them, the answer may vary greatly. For a child painting their first picture, it is a world of exploration and it is more about the color and the texture that the child experiences as they explore the paper, paint and brush.

Top 5 Deadly Mistakes One Should Avoid When Developing Logo Designs

A logo is the personality an organization wishes to portray that is developed through branding factors. These branding factors include the attitude that organization meant to be portrayed, a unique culture that the target audience can relate to or desire to be the part of.

T Shirt Iron on Transfer

There is no doubt that t shirt iron on transfer can give you that extra special look, that will show your uniqueness and individuality when sporting shirts. Here are few tips that you should consider when making a t shirt iron on transfer.

Tree Paintings With Acrylic Paints

Do you love nature? Do you enjoy a walk on a path which winds through wooded areas? Look closely at trees. If you enjoy doing tree paints observe them with a critical eye.

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