The Need for New Cultural Researches in Africa

The only way to improve real Knowledge of a particular thing, event or situation in any given society is through researches. This means that research is the basis for any new discovery which helps in sustaining learnership in any given system. In business, companies rely on researches to improve their products just to have a better advantage on firms producing substitute’s products.

Different Aspects of Viewing Designs in Interior Decoration

The art of decoration involves making designs using motifs or colours on surfaces as well as efficient handling of the design components in a manner that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Interior decoration is therefore an aspect of decoration that deals with the total arrangement of things in an apartment (home or office) in order to bring out the interior beauty of a place. This mostly has to do with the interplay of colours to achieve a unique internal appearance of a home or an office.

Cultural Education

The world has reached a stage that issues of culture are taking the central stage in every sphere of life. Before a multi-national company establishes a branch in any given part of the world, it must consider the dominant culture of the people living within that region. Part of the reasons why this is so is because, the culture of the people can directly or indirectly work against the progress of the set goals /objectives of the company.

Foreign Cultural Centres in Africa: A New Form of Cultural Colonilzation?

War as a product of hard-diplomacy is gradually becoming old fashion more so because humanity has come to realize that war is neither an option to solving real issues especially considering the fact that it normally reaps the world of its treasures and very often brings  untold hardships and severe set back to any nation that experienced it. Aside from that, the neighboursof any war zone do experience inherent threats of being affected in a number of ways. Hunger, economic backwardness, sicknesses, lost of lives, increase in crime rate etc, are all product of war.

Building a Creative World in a Multi-Cultural Society

The practice of visual art in most multi-cultural societies especially in Africa is often approached in multi-dimensional ways. Although art itself knows no boundary, the culture as well as the artist’s environment continues to play an influential role in kind or type of art that the artist creates. Take Nigeria for example, there are approximately (or over) five hundred ethnic groups which the Berlin conference carved under one geographical area.

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