Easy Holiday Paper Train | Beginner-Friendly Countdown to Christmas Cricut Project

Easy Holiday Paper Train | Beginner-Friendly Countdown to Christmas Cricut Project


Western Painting – Late Modernism – A Post War Exponent of Contemporary Art

Late Modernism – The Concept The years during which Late Modernism was effective, spanned between the period after World War II and the early twenty-first century. This form of art was said to be a reaction against radicalism and an experimentalism of the Modern Art. However, the opinion remains divided on the ‘individuality’ of Late Modernism, which retains the conceptual identity of Modernism and is only a phase in the broader eon of Modern Art, as believed by some schools of thought. Another closely related term is Post Modernism, which arguably rests on the premise that art cannot be innovative or forward-looking as opposed to Modernism. Nevertheless, the boundaries remain blurred.

Is Heat Transfer Printing Best For Your Promotional Bags?

Green bags for groceries, and promotional bags for specialty shopping, are becoming more and more common. And the planet is thanking us all for it – don’t doubt that! But it means that the bags that do something different will really be the ones that stand out from the crowd, and serve the best marketing and branding purposes. Heat transfer printing is one of the technologies that green bag and promotional bag manufacturers use to get colourful, realistic, stand-out results – we look at the process and how it differs from the other common printing methods for environmental bags.

Impressionism – Matisse, Klimt, and Picasso

Matisse, Klimt, and Picasso were all controversial artists. Often their work was not purely about their work. It was about politics, about society, and about the culture of the time. Their works were sometimes intended to be controversial.

8 Essentials When Designing Artwork For CD Printing and Duplication Projects

Delays in CD Printing projects are usually caused by problems with the artwork and the way in which it has been submitted. Here are 8 essential tips to ensure your job is printed with little fuss and delivered on time.

Know Which Art Investment Will Pay Off in the End

There are different forms of investment. Some invest in land, others invest in jewelries and there are others who invest in art.

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