Easy Holiday Paper Train | Beginner-Friendly Countdown to Christmas Cricut Project

Easy Holiday Paper Train | Beginner-Friendly Countdown to Christmas Cricut Project

How to Draw Trees and Forests – An Easy Step by Step Instruction

You want to learn how to draw trees – then you have to study this simple step by step tutorial. You’ll begin to draw trees as well as you get drawing instructions on drawing foliage and complete forests. So read on!

Tips to Preserving Your Art Prints on Canvas For a Bed and Breakfast

Instead of spending a fortune on canvas paintings to decorate your bed and breakfast, use art prints on canvas. You get the art printed on the same material an artist would use at a much cheaper price. It doesn’t have to be a reproduced painting. It may be any other image or picture you would just like to display on canvas.

Charcoal Or Graphite For Portraits

Which is better to use for drawing portraits, charcoal or graphite? One or the other or both?

Tips For Drawing Pictures With Shading

If you are interested in pencil drawing then you know that shading with pencil forms an important part in mastering the art. With the proper shading techniques, you can create amazing pencil drawing pictures that look real and life like. Here are some important tips that will help you get the right pencil drawing shading effect.

An Insight Into the Abstract Oil Painting Ideas

Abstract oil painting is becoming a popular form of art, especially for the beginners because the beginners in this case do not have to do any complicated drawing. This is easy to do and also doesn’t take too much of time. Just some geometric shapes put properly together and some attractive colors put into it can pave the path for a great abstract art form for the budding artists.

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