EASY GLITTER CHRISTMAS MAKEUP TUTORIAL | Revolution, I Heart Revolution, Urban Decay

EASY GLITTER CHRISTMAS MAKEUP TUTORIAL | Revolution, I Heart Revolution, Urban Decay


Fireplace Screensaver Videos

Video screensavers are fast becoming the future. Before with standard definition videos, the quality simply wasn’t good enough to display a life like scene that looked realistic and sharp. Now with a High definition screensaver video people can use their TV’s to display high quality screensavers that add ambience and atmosphere to a room whilst their TV is not in use.

Fireplace Videos

More people are starting to use their televisions for art and relaxation other than for entertainment and distraction. Instead of turning their television off when they are not watching programs, many people put scenery videos on and turn their TVs into a window through to another place. One of the most popular types of scenery videos has to be a fireplace.

Sandblasting As an Art – The Kind That Does Not Effect the Environment

You might think that sandblasting is not good for our environment, as it is dust all over the show. See why this is not the case…

The History and Evolution of Arrows in Graffiti Art

Arrows are one of the essential design elements of graffiti art. Their beginnings can be traced back to early tags of the 1970’s found in cities like Philadelphia and New York. Arrows are combined with letters to give graffiti art its unique, energetic style.

Photoshop – Quick Selection Tool

In addition to the manual selection tools and methods in Photoshop, there is a family of ‘automatic’ selection tools, tools that take away much of the guess work and use the software to help you make better selections. One of the favorites is the ‘Quick Selection Tool’. This tool works much the way it sounds. It helps you make a quick selection! Even better, the ‘quick selection’ will be a really sharp and useful selection. Lets take a look.

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