Easy Giant Paper Snowflakes Pattern + Start-to-Finish Tutorial

Easy Giant Paper Snowflakes Pattern + Start-to-Finish Tutorial

Hiver Mucha Prints

Hiver is amongst the best pieces of artwork from the career of Alphonse Mucha who himself was a skilled illustrator from the Art Nouveau movement which has become particularly fashionable in the modern day because of the charming classic style that it’s artists used within it’s art. This article covers Hiver alongside other great Mucha prints.

La Primavere Mucha Print

La Primavere was a painting by Alphonse Mucha who was an important artist who helped shape new ideas in contemporary art which have become mainstream in the modern day. This article covers La Primavere in some detail and offers up other titles from his career which you may also enjoy if you are already sold on the qualities of this exceptional artist.

Spring Alphonse Mucha Prints and Paintings

Spring rated as a major work from the career of Alphonse Mucha and this article bring together information on Spring to help you learn more about this popular print that features Mucha’s proven illustration and creative skills. The success of it’s achievement is shown in the level of numbers of art print reproductions which people buy of it, all across the world.

Dance Alphonse Mucha Prints

Alphonse Mucha produced the painting entitled Dance during a prolific period in his career as he established himself firmly as the number one illustrator of his era, as well as the major force behind the new Art Nouveau movement which was to quickly gain momentum and spread across all of the rest of Europe over the preceding years. Dance remains one of the most loved prints from this very influential era in Czech and European art, which laid the way for many contemporary artists that followed. This article discusses Dance and several other prints from Mucha’s career.

How to Draw a Whale

Whales are one of the most majestic animals. Fortunately they are also pretty easy to draw. Here are a few suggestions for how to draw a whale with just a few strokes of your pencil.

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