Easy DIY The Folklore Company Cross-Stitch Kit

Easy DIY The Folklore Company Cross-Stitch Kit

Art Development in Children

By paying attention to the stages of art development parents and educators can add structured art lessons that address what children experience as they grow. Adding the right types of structure at the right time can make a world of difference when it comes to developing a child’s art skills.

Importance of Early Exposure to Art

It is clear that early and continued exposure to art and music will help a child develop and in turn succeed later on in the school setting. The importance of exposure to art from the time of birth and onward has been studied at length. Creating awareness for parents about the importance of art in early childhood development will serve to benefit society as a whole. Hopefully this evidence will create support for education programs that will teach parents how to incorporate art into the lives of their children.

Great Places for Kids to Experience Art

Bringing art into the home can be simple and low cost as well. Setting aside a couple of hours each week for art related projects is a good start. Making collages, playing with sidewalk chalk and coloring are all low cost ways to bring art into the home. Parents with more resources can arrange private art or music lessons for their kids. There are many places a parent can go to bring art into the life of their child. Using the resources available such as the Internet, schools and information in local publications is the first step in this direction…

Art Education and Child Development

Most parents know that giving a child crayons and a coloring book is great way to occupy a kid for a few hours. What many do not know is what an important role art plays in a child’s development. In recent years a multitude of studies have been made available that link art education to a variety of important aspects of childhood learning. Art education has been linked to increased creativity, development of problem solving skills and better communication skills just to start. The skills that can be developed through art education are skills that last a lifetime and can benefit a child into adulthood regardless of what career path that child may choose. Understanding the importance of art education will allow this often undervalued development tool gain momentum in main stream education programs.

The Ecstasy of St. Francis by Giovanni Baglioni

Here we have an interesting painting by the Baroque Master Giovanni Baglioni. The painting depicts St. Francis in a state of spiritual ecstasy and in attendance with angels.

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