Easy DIY Coastal Home Decor | Framed Sea Animal Mandalas

Easy DIY Coastal Home Decor | Framed Sea Animal Mandalas

Wolverine – Origin of a Superhero

Wolverine is one of marvel’s biggest and most popular characters he has appeared in all the x-men trilogy and even had his own film X-men Origins: Wolverine so here is a bit more information that you might not now about him. Wolverines real Name is James Howlett although he often goes under the name of Logan and he was born sometime at the beginning of the 1900’s. When he was very young he was a sickly child but he had a remarkable mutant ability, the ability to almost instantaneously heal from any wound.

The World’s Highest Valued Paintings

The desire to own a real painting, whether by a legend or a local painter is a frequently held ambition by many members of society. For those looking to combine their art appreciation with investment opportunities, there are paintings that have fetched huge fees at auction. This article looks at just a few of those highly priced masterpieces.

Basic Oil Painting Materials For Beginners and Purchasing Tips

Oil painting can be very expensive and its easy to over spend, especially when your not exactly sure what you need to buy. This materials list and buying tips should get you into oil painting immediately, cost effectively and carry you well into your early years of oil painting.

Reasons Why You Should Gesso Your Own Canvas and Linen

How would you like to add value to your paintings so you can ask top dollar for them? Because someone prepared to pay significant money for an original painting will know to look for something like this.

Alexander Pope Jr – One of America’s Leading Sporting Artists

Alexander Pope Jr. (1849-1924) was one of the leading sporting artists of his day, known for his exquisite paintings of hunting dogs and his realistically rendered still lifes. His trompe l’oeil technique became a visual calling card, and helped to popularize the style in the late 19th century.

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