Easy DIY 3 Tiered Tray with Lemon Decor

Easy DIY 3 Tiered Tray with Lemon Decor

How to Draw a Coyote

Popularly known as the jackal, coyotes belong to the same species as dogs. Unlike dogs though, they are wild animals from Mexico, North & Central America, and Canada. Despite being wild, coyotes have often been reported in urban areas, which are also their preferred breeding locations. Inhabiting the earth for a while now (almost 2 million years), Coyotes occur in the shades of gray, often blended with yellow or brown. They can grow anywhere between 30 and 35 inches in length.

Seven Techniques to Make Sure Your Artwork is Print Prepared

The following write-up gives a quick guide on what to believe about when preparing your artwork for printing. It is important you comply with these guidelines as any mistakes manufactured are probably to trigger a delay or cause unnecessary tension should the final print top quality be sub-standard.

Important Things About 3D Fill Lights

There are several important things about fill lights when you illuminate a 3D render. The first is their intensity. The intensity of these two fills is about 15%. Compared to the 100% intensity of the key light, they do not provide a noticeable change in overall light intensity; however, they do provide illumination on areas previously obscured by shadow.

Fine-Tuning Illumination Using A 3D Program

If you are using a 3D program to set the illumination of a Render, be sure to activate the shadows for this new point light. Strata StudioPro has shadows set by default, so you would have a black scene with nothing visible because the point light is inside the bulb.

3D Lighting To Show Forms

People often leave the lighting to the last step in an animation, almost as if it were an afterthought. Unfortunately, the lighting can make or break the look of a model.

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