Art Reproduction: The Different Quality Levels Explained

An article explaining the different levels of art reproduction oil paintings. Everything from commercial to museum-quality art reproductions…

How To Prepare Your Custom Label Design For The Printer

If you’re planning on having a custom label printed by a professional, there are a few things you can do when preparing your artwork files to ensure they print the way you envision. Here are some easy tips that will help you custom printing job turn out great.

Polymer Clay Studio Tools – Which Household Items And Objects We Can Take To Our Studio?

What household items we can take to our studio? Cleaning stuff, hygiene and makeup – dishes scotch pads – These are ideals for texture, you can use them in all kinds of shapes, sizes, thickness, and they are wonderful. A tip I learned from the great Nan Roche, is to hold your sanding paper on top of a scotch pad, this way the sanding paper is being held by the soft pad and your hand & fingers get a much more comfortable support.

Logo Design Concepts – How Far Our Imagination Can Take Us!

There are two most important principles to create a unique logo designs i.e. concept and execution. You may have loads of design concepts each taking to a different direction. How can you make the right decision to choose the most appropriate logo design concept among so many ideas?

Uniting The World Through Art

Many artists shy away from doing portraits, preferring not even to try to capture an emotion, a mood, or a moment as it flickers across a human face. One brave, self taught artist from Marion thrives in portraiture. With an American tap dancer, an actor a scientist, the composite between three famous comedians, the traditional cast members of a long running science fiction TV series, a former TV reporter, various rock stars, athletes and entertainers, and his friends, he created a large montage called “Faces”.

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