EASY Christmas Shadow Box with Jingle Bells!

EASY Christmas Shadow Box with Jingle Bells!

36 Places to Sell Artwork

36 places you may not have thought of to sell your artwork. Artwork may be sold, consigned, rented or loaned in these places to provide opportunities for promoting your art and your name.

Epson Signature Worthy Papers

Epson Signature Worthy Papers convert your photography printings into fine art collectibles. These cotton-based photographic papers are the finest in the market and deserve serious consideration when searching for the right media.

Drawing Basics: An Exercise to Practice Foreshortening

Foreshortening is one of the keys to drawing realistically, so that your drawings have a three-dimensional quality to them. If you don’t know how to do this, don’t worry. Here is an exercise to practice foreshortening, to strengthen your drawing basics.

Drawing And Painting – Use Lamp Light

Do you have trouble drawing? There are several methods which may be used to transfer an object from its original source to your painting surface. Use the lamp light method to start your journey of making an original drawing accompanied by its shadow and paint its differences.

Gothic Fantasy Art – The Death and Romance

Gothic fantasy art the death and romance combines for an intoxicating mixture. The fascination with Gothic art comes in part from our own mortality and also from our primitive dears of the unknown. Our deep fears of death and the very human fear of the unknown and change lurk just beneath the surface of our conscious mind hiding, waiting for an unguarded moment to creep into our thoughts filling them with night-terrors.

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