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Art in Britain Today

England has a long history of fine art and artists. There are currently two famous international exhibitions being shown in The British Museum, London. Over the years, the Victorians had a fascination with Egyptian Art and History.

Nighthawks by Edward Hopper

This piece of Modern American Art hangs in the galleries of the Art Institute of Chicago. It has been hailed as one of the most sought after icons of American art, second only to the world-famous “American Gothic” by Grant Wood.

How to Draw Birds

Birds can easily be simplified into a few strokes of the pen, and their playful movements and mischievous antics are fun to recreate on paper. Here are a few ideas for how to draw a bird’s basic shape, and then how to modify it so you can draw them in different poses.

How to Make Xmas Card Using Your Photos

On December 25th, people celebrate the joy and cheer of Christmas with their loved ones, rejoicing in the festival by dressing up in style, eating sweets, decorating Christmas trees, sending gifts and so on. Now the Christmas is around the corner, are you annoyed about what presents send to your friends and families? Don’t worry, here is a program that can fulfill your dream.

Digital Art For Children

The options are endless when it comes to digital art for children. Allowing them to become familiar with computer based graphics at an early age will definitely give them a leg up in the future. Whether thinking about future employment opportunities or success in school teaching kids about digital art will definitely put them at an advantage.

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