Dying Fabric with Dylon Machine Dye & Simple Beginners Rectangle Skirt | VLOG

Dying Fabric with Dylon Machine Dye & Simple Beginners Rectangle Skirt | VLOG

Elvis Immortalised By Art Supplies

Rolf told the BBC: “I hope everyone who visits the exhibition is touched in some way by the whole family’s art.” Alwen met Rolf at a London City and Guilds Art School when the Australian moved to England to develop his career.

Ballet at the Paris Opera by Degas

In the drawing collections of the Art Institute of Chicago there is a wonderful pastel drawing by Edgar Degas entitled “Ballet at the Paris Opera”, painted in 1877. This is a most lovely work of art, the scene depicts a group of lovely ballerinas dancing.

Isn’t It Cheating to Use a Grid?

Many people consider using a grid to help lay out a drawing or painting as cheating. It is seen as the same as tracing, which requires no skill at all. Find out what actual artists have to say about this controversy.

LDS Fine Art and Artists

Many LDS fine artist are commissioned by the church to paint specific paintings to be used by the church for things like Sunday School. Not all LDS artists are fine artists, however. Some LDS artists paint to develop their talents, such as George D. Durrant. He took up water colors to work on something new after a successful career as a professor at Brigham Young University. He had graduated in art and was never able to use his talents until after he retired.

Pioneer Art – An Expression of the LDS Faith

There are even paintings showing angels helping push handcarts with these pioneers, which many pioneers said had happened to them. These types of pictures remind members of the Mormon faith that there is always someone watching over them too in their time of need.

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