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DreamBox Coupon & HUGE SALE | Q&A | BLACK FRIDAY

China’s Art: A Visual Retelling Of One Of The Oldest Civilizations

China is one of the world’s oldest surviving civilizations in the world. From the Xia Dynasty in (2100-1700 BCE) up to the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), China’s colorful history is not only exclusively told in textbooks but also clearly depicted in real life in the form of sculptures, paintings, potteries, jade jewelries and even terra cottas that guard China’s most successful king.

The Crisp Way to Crack Even the Cryptic Lot

Since time immemorial, mankind has always evolved towards easing our way to make a living. We evolved from the apes that were quadrupeds to walking on two legs. Our brains evolved to discover fire, we learnt to build houses, rear cattle and we learnt to ‘express’. Well, the prime thing that makes us stand out as a superior specie is – Communication. And as we know, the first form of expressive language is Pictography – a form of writing which uses representational and pictorial drawings. And this tiny bit of info back from your History textbooks is going to impact your business.

Is It Worth Trying 3D Rendering Tutorials Online?

Learning 3D rendering can be done online. This article lets you decide whether trying out 3D rendering tutorials online is worth your time.

The Art of Paper Sculptor

Kids have been fond of flying kites and of creating paper planes. Simple and innocent – these paper planes can be very easy to make.

The Field of Medical Illustration

A medical illustration is a visual representation which resulted from the art skills conveyed through a virtual or tangible medium. This shows medical or biological information. This aims to clarify and explain a key feature of medical illustration that makes it different from science-inspired fine art.

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