Dollar Tree Crafts | 30 AMAZING Dollar Tree Blanks for Cricut Crafting!

Dollar Tree Crafts | 30 AMAZING Dollar Tree Blanks for Cricut Crafting!

Create Amazing Art on a Shoestring Budget

Use your creativity to relieve stress. Enjoy an art form that is cost-effective to produce. Make use of items that you already have at home. Put your creativity to work with a little ingenuity.

‘Pay it Forward’ With Your Art

Your art will affect future generations. Past artists left legacies for us to enjoy. Make your imprint on the future through your art.

Western Painting – Demoscene – The Cultural Art Sculpture

The idea of Demoscene Art appeared in 1980, from the early ‘cracking scene.’ It started gaining popularity at the time of Commodore 64 and the first Amiga computers. Then, it was mainly used for software cracking. During that period, software development was at peak and with the copy protection, such as demo version limit, CD check, serial numbers, hardware key, and embedded advertisements it became even more protected. The purpose of designing the ‘software cracking’ was to remove those protection techniques.

Western Painting – Funk Art – An American Dimension

Inspired by the contemporary trends, fashion, and lifestyle, Funk Art became one of the most unconventional forms of the Modern Art in the late 1950s through 1970s. Originated in California, this art style remained active mainly in the United States. Funk Art represented an eclectic mix of elements, including discarded & junk matter, torn pieces of fabric, old furniture, and photographs. US Funk artist Edward Kienholz described these elements as ‘the leftovers of human experience.’ Similarly, Funk had varying manifestations in the form of paintings, sculptures, and assemblages.

Western Art – Process Art – The Story of the Journey, Not the Destination

The exact origin of Process Art is considered to be somewhere around mid-1960s. Considering the human inquisitive disposition, it can be said that it originated around the time when the world was trying to understand the reasons behind their acts during and post the world wars. Process Art began in the Americas and Europe, spreading soon to the rest of the world. The Drip Paintings of the American painter Jackson Pollock (1912-56) are often credited with its onset.

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