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What Is the Difference Between an Art Walk and Art Licensing?

While it is possible for artists to blend both licensing and original work sales into their business, it is important to stay clear about who the customer is for each and create accordingly. Learn the differences between creating for a local Art Walk and art for licensing.

Misguided Beliefs With Your Art’s Significance

Knowing the price of art can call for some skill and expertise. If you’re starting off on a collection and do not know how to value art, then lucky you, because you can always get the help of an art appraiser.

Art Collecting – A Novice’s Guideline

Art collection is definitely a stimulating and uplifting hobby for all. It’s not just for the rich and famous, but even normal daily people too. You can find various forms of art you can choose from, specifically since art’s classification can greatly vary from one person to another.

Beginning Your Practice In The Trade Of Art

The ability to sell art is not really an easy job. Even those individuals who are already art collectors are generally reluctant to be the initial purchasers from obscure or not so well known artists.

The Best Way to Preserve Your Cherished Photographs

What is the best way to preserve your cherished photographs? Albums? Photo frames? What about Canvas Printing? But how do we get the photo printed over Canvas?

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