DIY Wooden Advent Calendar 2021

DIY Wooden Advent Calendar 2021

Early Art Appreciation Through Kid’s Wall Paintings

When we talk about paintings, it is any form of visual art hanging on the wall that every adult can appreciate. It can be a painting of something, someone, or an event. It can also be abstract. A painting is a work of art and it can be delightful to see especially when it is hung in areas where it fits the theme.

Lessons in Painting

Painting can seem challenging to beginners, therefore many people seek to find lessons in painting online. This is great, but I have found that many lessons only give you bits and pieces of information. This can cause frustration to the artist.

What Exactly is Art Authentication?

Those who own paintings of a certain worth, may at some time or another need the services of an Art Authentication firm or, a professional art expert, often described as an art authenticator. Qualified art authenticators have the authority to issue certificates of authentication by works of art by certain artists. The owner of a work of art may require a certificate of authentication for many reasons.

Who Were the Fauves?

A period in art history which is often forgotten is the period of the Les Fauves. Les Fauves translated from French, means, wild beasts. The period of Fauvism lasted from 1898 to 1908. It was in a sense a strong reaction to Impressionism. The Fauves believed that the arrangements of colours were as important as the subject matter to convey the sense of meaning of the painting.

A Brief Overview of Two Norwegian Artists

The world was stunned when in August 2004 armed robbers walked into the Edvard Munch Museum in Oslo and literally lifted two paintings off of the wall. One of the paintings was Edvard Munch’s iconic painting, ‘The Scream,’ which was worth millions of pounds. Edvard Munch painted a number of versions of the scream but the one held by the museum in Oslo was one of the most valuable.

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