DIY Wine Gift Bags With Fun Vinyl Decals!

DIY Wine Gift Bags With Fun Vinyl Decals!

Contemporary Fine Art That Gives You Balance For Life

Contemporary fine art are artworks that have the power to stop you in your tracks and make you see the world anew. Most artists would agree that they create to enhance the lives of everyone that comes into contact with their work.

Much Love for the How to Draw Manga, Comics and Anime Series

Inside this article, I take a look at three books that have influenced my artistic process and the great reference books that are published by the How to Draw Manga series. These are books that have not only taught me but continue to inspire me.

Restoration of Portrait Painted on Wood

A man’s portrait painted on wood and the belonging wood fragments were found at the mummy tomb which was uncovered in 1962 at the third district of Budapest, Jablonka street 15. The reason why the more than 1600-year-old wood remains survived is that the sarcophagus was closed hermetically. After finding it, the wooden planks were assembled, glued together, and restored, therefore a man’s portrait became visible on the panel.

Retro Tees and Vintage T-Shirts – When Size Really Does Matter

A quick bit of surfing on the internet in search of Retro T-shirts or Vintage Tees websites, will throw up an amazing number of suppliers. Some cheap, some expensive, some with a handful to choose from, others with hundreds. The quality of so-called Retro T-shirt graphics is just as disparate, ranging from the sublime to the yawn-inspiring. So what’s good and what’s bad? Let’s start with the bad. A fairly common sin of the designer (particularly one more familiar with a keyboard than a brush) and T-shirt manufacturers, is sloth. Some simply “lift” an image that catches their eye from an old archive somewhere, reduce it to a fraction of the original size, and plop it on the front of a T-shirt blank. An easy to do, lazy option – not really in the spirit of Retro. They’ve forgotten that the pure essence of Retro-art (or Vintage style).

Retro T-Shirts – Vintage Soviet Propaganda

The influence of early Soviet poster propaganda on the design of some “contemporary” Retro and Vintage T- shirts is not difficult to spot. These Soviet artists left a powerful legacy and a great wealth of graphic styles, interesting typography and communication techniques. Shortly after the Russian revolution of 1917, the Soviet Union adopted views and attitudes radically different from those of the other major powers at the time. Not only was their outlook on politics totally unique for the period, but the way this new regime presented itself to the public and the outside world was also breaking new ground – particularly in its poster art. For a time the Soviet graphic designers borrowed from the art forms which were becoming popular in the West – futurism, surrealism, cubism, the new avant garde modernist art movements…

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