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Still Life With Fruits and Stringed Instrument by Georges Braque

In the galleries of the Art Institute of Chicago hangs one of George Braque’s masterpieces the “Still Life with Fruits and Stringed Instrument”. This revolutionary Cubist piece explores new horizons for us to understand.

Self-Portrait by Vincent Van Gogh

In the galleries of the Art Institute of Chicago hangs the only self-portrait by Vincent Van Gogh in their collection. This painting is noteworthy because of the intensity of color used in the work.

The Modern Wing at the Art Institute of Chicago

Last year the Art Institute of Chicago opened it’s new Modern Wing. This new addition is designed to house the best pieces from its Modern Art collection.

The Evolution of Mass Consciousness and the Advent of Contemporary Representational Painting

Original oil paintings, in this age of easily, cheaply reproduced images and giclees of famous and not so famous paintings, photography, and paintings done from second generation, two dimensional formats such as paintings of other paintings, or photos, seem to be like the steam engine, an outdated but beautiful relic, only to be appreciated in a museum, or the home of a wealthy art collector. Are they? Or is what’s old new again?

Simple Tips And Famous Mixed Media Artist

Mixed media art can be described as a strategy concerned with the use of a couple of artistic media. For example, a work on canvas which mixes paint, ink, as well as collage could appropriately be named or perhaps you can use more than one kind of art supply, like paint and ink, paint as well as pastels, pastels as well as ink, and many others.

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