DIY Unicorn with Paper Flowers Framed Art - Cute & Easy!

DIY Unicorn with Paper Flowers Framed Art – Cute & Easy!

Picture Hanging: Does Your Picture Frame Enhance Or Detract?

Any decor can be enhanced with carefully planned picture hanging and unique and stylish picture frames. The frame you use to surround any picture is considered to be just as much a design element as the picture itself. When a frame is chosen correctly, it either draws the picture out further or blends with the background to enable the artwork to speak for itself.

Is Picture Hanging An Art Form In Itself?

Good question and I would imagine that most of you would say “No. The art lies on the canvas, not how it is put on the wall.” But if you gave your collection of artwork to several different people to hang in the same space, you would be amazed at the difference in the end result based on the creativeness and artistic flair of the person hanging it.

What Is Reprographics?

Reprographics, or repro printing, is simply the reproduction of graphics. Multiple images are reproduced either mechanically or electronically for use in products such as catalogues, signs, maps, billboards, blueprints, legal exhibits, medical exhibits and renderings.

How To Care For Your Glass Sculpture

Whether your glass art sculpture was made by a well-known artist and has monetary value or has sentimental value for you and your family, you don’t want to see it damaged or destroyed. Unfortunately, the risk of damage to glass sculpture can be significant depending on how delicate this material is.

Become a Freelance Graphic Designer

Working as a freelance graphic designer can be a highly rewarding and lucrative career for anyone with a natural design talent and an eye for spotting a good opportunity. For instance, a user interface designer can find a growing number of job openings on specialist freelancing websites.

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