DIY Slogan Daydream Rainbow T-Shirt | Cricut DIY

DIY Slogan Daydream Rainbow T-Shirt | Cricut DIY

How You Can Use RSS Feeds to Help You License Your Artwork

If you’re interested in learning more about possible licensees for your artwork, about the state of the retail market, current trends and what companies are up to, then you might really benefit from starting to use RSS feeds to bring the information right to your desktop. Want to learn how to do it? It’s easy!

Wall Artwork for Modern Homes and Offices

The popularity of modern fine art keeps growing globally. The gorgeous, clean exhibits add life and also vitality to homes and places of work.

Guide to Buying Art Online

Buying art online has become very popular in the last 10 years. Buying contemporary art straight from the artist’s website means you no longer have to pay ridiculous prices for a piece of art, due to the elimination of the middle-man, in this case, the art gallery. Whilst in most cases this is a enjoyable experience and investing in art has been proven to usually generate a profit – there are also pitfalls that you need to be aware of. In this short guide I will list some of them.

Salvador Dali in Barcelona

Salvador Dali was an artist who created some of the most bizarre and amazing pieces of art you will ever see. Take a trip to Figueres and Port Lligat, just outside Barcelona, and discover his unique sense of style for yourself.

Modern Canvas Art

A canvas painting that is ‘modern’ pertains to a category that typically uses geometric designs, structured lines, and variations of colors to create the artwork. There are not necessarily standard colors used in modern canvas art, actually one of many beauties of modern paintings is the canvases could be so flexible with assorted styles of home d├ęcor. They can make very bold statements on your wall (similar to ‘abstract’ style paintings) or they may be subtle and complimentary.

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