DIY Reversible Holiday Porch Sign Christmas and Winter Welcome Sign

DIY Reversible Holiday Porch Sign Christmas and Winter Welcome Sign

Basic Information About Water Transfer Printing

If water transfer printing sounds like a really new concept, that’s because it kind of is. Known also as hydro imaging and hydro dripping, water transfer printing was initially done only in the military, and the technology was used mainly to camouflage weapons and other similar items.

Toulouse-Lautrec – Moulin Rouge

Perhaps one of the most famous artists to come out of the Post-Impressionist period, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec provided us with the immortal painting which has turned the Moulin Rouge into an immortal status in our minds. Some of his pieces have come to be known as outstanding works of art which ultimately give us a vision of what life in Paris must have been like.

Showing Your Work in the Community

This article will discuss how struggling artists or even student artists can get their name out in their community. Art shows are the perfect way to get recognized by people who matter.

How to Improve Your Drawing Abilities – Better Your Best Skills Or Decrease Your Weaknesses?

Actually if you’re pensioned like a lot of of my students, you’ve solely limited free hours and energy for your drawing hobby. And if you are producing art professionally then time and energy will be actually more constricted and of value to you!

Calligraphy Alphabets and Historical Handwriting

Why make a difference between calligraphy alphabets and historical handwriting? When we write in uncial, gothic, italic or roundhand, aren’t we tracing faithfully the calligraphic efforts of past scribes?

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