DIY Portable Craft Booth Checkout Counter

DIY Portable Craft Booth Checkout Counter

Dirtying The 3D Scene Down

Computers do several things well, one of which is creating smooth, perfect surfaces. These smooth surfaces would be hard to achieve manually, but a computer seems to be able to effortlessly create glass like surfaces over which the light glides and the reflections roll.

The Effects Of Various 3D Channels

Let us create some 3D objects and some extra maps just to see the effects of various channels on them. Create a cube around the sphere with the displacement map, and another sphere around that new cube.

Different Types Of 3D Map Channels

Environment: This channel allows you to create a faux reflection. It actually paints an environment (defined by the map you give it) on the face of the texture as though the object were actually sitting in the environment depicted in your map.

How are Popular Culture Arts Represented in Today’s Society?

Spinning Pop is an artistic and conceptual exploration of contemporary social issues in terms of the popular culture arts. Spinning Pop records daily reflections on the issues and events of the day from the viewpoint of an artist and citizen.

Cisz and the City

Cisz and the City Popular Brazil-born artist Henderson Cisz is capturing our great cities for all their fascination and glory, and pleasing the masses. A career as an artist was not initially apparent to Henderson Cisz, despite a glaring affinity for fine art. However, a few years in banking firmly set his mind to pursue art professionally, when his passion for it could longer be sated by mere hobby.

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