DIY Planner Paperclips from Cardstock + How to Deboss!

DIY Planner Paperclips from Cardstock + How to Deboss!

Conceptual Art Vs Representational Art

The majority of Art Colleges and Universities in the UK today regard concept as everything in art. Largely ignoring the artistic skills traditionally required of mixing and applying paint and other media, and rarely actually teaching their art students how to draw.

Reasons To Buy Modern Art Prints

Are there any advantages to buying a Modern Art Print that may be produced in its thousands or tens of thousands? How can you be sure it is good-quality and how many other people will have the same picture hanging on their walls?

3 Reasons You Use Animated Clip Art

People often think this is okay. But to indiscriminately copy photos over the web is not only wrong but entirely disadvantageous. So why use animated clip art? Let’s just look into 3 argument points in favor…

Oil Painting Reproductions, The Best and Most Affordable Ways to Enjoy Museum Masterpieces

Fine art has been known to bring a positive effect to a person’s well-being. It is observed that large hospitals invest thousands or even millions of dollars in acquiring these art pieces to deliver health benefits to their patients. Corporations are also discovering the impact of fine art on their employees’ motivation levels and their efficiency at work. Today, with the rise of oil painting reproductions, these masterpieces can be available for everyone.

Indian Paintings Still Popular For Its Uniqueness

You have always wondered why people all over the world praise paintings and art works of India. Each country has its own style of painting and art works but what is so special about India that makes it immensely popular among people across the globe! Well, you are not the only one to have this query.

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