DIY Photo Snowglobe Ornament | Shake it to See it Snow!

DIY Photo Snowglobe Ornament | Shake it to See it Snow!

Using the Clone System in 3D Modeling

When it comes to modeling, cloning multiple repeating geometry such as a swarm of bees can often be the quickest way to edit your scene. As a matter of fact, it is sometimes the only way to model efficiently enough to get a project done by deadline time.

Using Mesh Smooth For Sections in 3D Modeling

Sometimes you will want to control the smoothness of a specific area of your model. For instance, you may want to select the wing tips of the ship model and smooth them less or more than the rest of the model. Mesh Smooth works the exact same way on a selected area of a model as it does on the entire model.

Operating on Polygons in 3D Modeling

When you are working on your 3D model, using the option Operate on Polygons forces the reticulation smoother to work only on the visible edges of your mesh. The result works really well for shapes such as box and cube like objects.

Graphic Design Ideas – How to Understand Multi-Media Design

Multimedia design is a catchall phrase to describe the growing combination of websites, film, and video in the world of graphic design. Multimedia design requires many different talents and skills.

Rembrandt Van Rijn

When mentioning the greatest artists of all time, Rembrandt’s name will come up on the list. Especially in the United States. I venture to guess that the most non art lovers have heard of Rembrandt.

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