DIY Light-Up Snowman for Under $10 | Dollar Tree Christmas DIY Craft

DIY Light-Up Snowman for Under $10 | Dollar Tree Christmas DIY Craft

How Networking Know-How Can Benefit Your Art Career

Recognize the benefits of networking with others. Avoid creating art in your own “personal bubble.” Explore community resources to get your art on display. Other people can affect your artistic career in positive ways.

Simple Lesson on How to Make Pastels

Often you may drop a pastel and it shatters into a thousand pieces which leaves you without your favorite color. If you know how to make pastels then this isn’t so much of a problem and you’re not having to rely on art stores that can be miles away. If you are seriously painting with pastels then it’s good to know how to go about making them.

How Can I Draw 3D Sketches?

You can create many dynamic three dimensions sketches with only one perspective point. For example, here I am explaining you how to create a human figure in 3-D.

On Your Own As an Art Critic Or Hiring One

The art critic is one of the most sought after persons in this creative field. For one, its always good to have someone to bounce your ideas on, gain qualified feedback or just for pre-sharing. On the other hand, critics sometimes reflect the views of the public or potential client, and at times act as a yardstick to measure the presented work against standards that he/she should be well familiar with. This career choice is a matter of skill – albeit trained skill. The critic must be knowledgeable of elements such as the techniques, language, style, perspective, perception.

How to Paint Realistic Clouds

In this article, I will go over some tips on painting realistic clouds. With some quick tips, you can paint better skies in no time.

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