DIY Herringbone Chippy Paint Cricut Smart Vinyl Farmhouse Sign

DIY Herringbone Chippy Paint Cricut Smart Vinyl Farmhouse Sign

How to Draw a Snow Scene

When we talk about drawing a winter scene, it usually refers to the outdoors. However, the type of location is a deciding factor and it does not automatically imply a countryside area. Similarly, the time of the day captured also has a bearing on the way the work is executed. We bring you an easy-to-understand, systematic guide to draw a snow scene:

How to Draw a Snowflake

The snow that falls from the sky during the winter season consists of an enormous collection of small snowflakes. To the naked eyes, they are visible only as tiny crystals, but reveal their remarkably beautiful geometric symmetry under a microscope. The snowflakes exist in various types of elaborate hexagonal, or other similar shapes. Kepler was the first person to discover this winter phenomenon and regarded it as a Christmas gift by the Nature.

How to Draw Christmas Ornaments

Originally, Christmas tree ornaments were made of colored glass and were the primary decorative pieces. In continuation of this tradition, these ornaments still find a definite place in the festival decorations. If you are sketching a Christmas tree, you may well be required to sketch the ornaments. Here is a step-by-step guide to teach you how to draw Christmas ornaments:

Mark Making – Probably One of the Most Important Things a Creative Person Can Engage In

It’s a silent activity, making marks. It requires you to go within yourself and think in a slightly different way.

Creating Curves and Lines That Have Known Not Only a Direction But an Energy

Speed in an image is an essential part of the designer’s toolkit. We habitually create curves and lines that have known not only a direction but an energy….

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