DIY Handwritten Recipe Laser Engrave With Glowforge

DIY Handwritten Recipe Laser Engrave With Glowforge

An Artist Guide to Landing a Publisher

Having a publisher carrying the distribution and financial load for an artist is a huge asset. This article is geared to help aspiring artist’s in the search and acquisition of a publisher. Learn where to look and what to do to gain the attention of a major league art publisher.

Organize Paints on a Palette – How to Tips For Artists

An well organized palette generally consists of a cool warm hue for each primary color. When you learn to lay out your paints in the exact order each time, it becomes a habit.

Watercolour Lessons – Making a Start

Read some essential ways of kick starting your painting hobby. You will learn some vital techniques for free.

Japanese Glossary For Image Board Users

Image boards have become a popular web pastime in recent years. If you’ve been to places like 4chan, 7chan, and the like, you’ve seen a unique culture that mixes illustrated and photographic art from both Western and Japanese culture. After you browse these places for awhile, it starts to become apparent that Japanese and English are mixed together so much, you need a foot in each culture to understand what’s going on.

8 “Must Have” Graphic Design Skills For Today’s Market

Today’s graphic market is more competitive than ever. The need is great to be on top of the pack with adequate skills and information that is up to date.

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