DIY Halloween Porch Decor 2021

DIY Halloween Porch Decor 2021

Painting People – Learn to Paint the Beautiful Features of a Human

Painting human figures is the most difficult task. Let us see the step by step method which will help us in painting human features, especially the eyes. This article is all about painting, and it is not about drawing skills.

Oil Paint – Tips For Beginning With Oil Paint

Oil paint is the medium of paint, which dries slowly as compared to acrylic paint. Previously, acrylic paint was used as under painting mode of a medium to give a wash over your canvas.

Renaissance Home Decor – Less is Stronger and More

A few weeks ago in Rome, I went to the National Museum of Rome, Museo Nazionale Romano, in the Palazzo Altemps. When I arrived to the Palazzo Altemps, what struck me first was its architectural elegance. It is a typically Renaissance building, complete with a rectangular courtyard, three levels, grey and white staircases, a loggia boasting colourful frescoes, impressive marble fireplaces and a beautiful private chapel. Despite its complexity and massive size, the building feels airy, light and you just know that it was made for people who wanted to live comfortably and enjoy their daily pleasures.

Oh, Erinni

As you know, I am fascinated by the Palazzo Altemps in Rome, which is one of the four buildings of the National Museum of Rome. The collection of historic sculptures is not only rich and interesting, it is also wonderfully displayed in an elegant Renaissance setting. As some of you know, I did my Master’s degree in Renaissance Literature, so the genre and the atmosphere of that era is truly close to my heart.

Image Licensing – How to Earn Money From Your Images

Image licensing is defined as making your images available to a company who wants to use them on a product. They license the images from you, pay you either a flat fee or a royalty and in a few months or a few years your images show up on merchandise.

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