DIY Fall and Winter Holiday Centerpieces

DIY Fall and Winter Holiday Centerpieces

Gainsborough Paintings

Thomas Gainsborough is a famous British landscape painter from the 18th century. This article covers some of his best paintings as well as examining the life of artist Gainsborough. Suffolk-born Gainsborough has gone on to become of of Britain’s best loved artists and is revered alongside the likes of JMW Turner and Constable. His works remain in the Tate Britain, London in good numbers which is an sign of his great legacy to the British contemporary artists of today.

Seurat Paintings

Seurat is best known by art academics for his contribution to colour theory and also the development of the popular movement of Pointilism. These two topics went very much together in Seurat’s studies and later art. Close inspection of paintings such as Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, currently stored in the Art Institute of Chicago, indicate the level of detail in the Pointilist style and the importance of colour in producing signals to the eye.

Mounting Large Format Prints

Whether you want your large format prints to have a traditional or clean and contemporary look, this fascinating article will help you decide. Featuring Dibond, Foam Centred Board and MDF mounting approaches.

Choosing a Water Transfer Printer

If you have seen water transfer printing in action and also saw what it can do to decorate any item you have, then you yourself are probably itching to have something of yours decorated in the same way, whether it’s several parts of your motorbike or something small like a cellphone covering or perhaps something that is usually not decorated, say a white laundry hamper or something similar.

Do Fonts Talk? – The Writing’s on the Wall

Typefaces and fonts speak a subtle, but important language. A language that we understand but have not been taught. They illuminate our emotions, catch our eye, and draw our thoughts without us even being aware of the process.

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