DIY Easy Personalized Wine Glasses with Vinyl and a Cricut - For Beginners!

DIY Easy Personalized Wine Glasses with Vinyl and a Cricut – For Beginners!

Cezanne Paintings

Paul Cezanne is a famous French impressionist painter who left a big mark on French art and inspired many future artists such as the likes of Cubists Picasso, Braque & Gris. This article uncovers some of Cezanne’s most famous paintings and discusses the styles common behind them. All artists have common themes and subjects running broadly throughout their career, and his was no different to this.

Top 5 Tips – How to Draw a Car

In the childhood we used to draw many simple cars. It was quite easy as well. However if we want to draw a car which is a realistic one then it is certainly a very tough job. There are many designers who are engaged in designing new models of cars. They use computer software for this purpose. If you are good at drawing then you can make this habit as a career. You can earn a lot by designing the new cars.

Western Painting – Transgressive Art

Transgressive Art – The Concept As evident from the name, Transgressive Art is the one that transgresses against the basic norms or the traditionally accepted rules. In order words, Transgressive Art can be defined as a Shocking Art, developed to insult the social conservatives of one type or another. The word ‘transgressive’ has a wide meaning ranging from offenses against God, to breaching pieties and taboos, to crossing the conventional boundaries.

Western Art – Appropriation Art – Manipulating Exemplary the Creative Way

The History – The practice of Appropriation Art can be traced back to the Cubist collages and artworks of Pablo Picasso (Spanish – 1881-1973) and Georges Braque (French – 1882-1963) from 1912 onwards. In 1917, French-American artist Marcel Duchamp (1887-1968) further developed Appropriation Art and gave the concept of readymade. Today, it stands as a mighty field with several artists associated with it, despite the copyright controversy it faces from time to time.

Amsterdam’s Top Art Galleries

Amsterdam, Netherlands has a long history of appreciation for great art and artists. Here is a list of the top five art galleries.

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